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Design Principles for Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing

School of Computer Science, Glasgow University



Less is More: How to Make Civic Tech Sustainable and Equitable by Design

Code For All Summit 2022

Desarrollo web y medio ambiente: problemas, soluciones y herramientas.

PHP Mexico

The Future of Messaging? Store-Carry-Forward Protocols, Delay Tolerant Networks and AsyncApi

Software engineers: The Social Mobilisation Challenge

COP26 International Environment Forum

Tech Debt: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

AsyncApi: Uniting API-First and Event First Communication

Building Scalable APIs

Serverless Webhooks with AWS and Laravel

Tech For Social Impact: How To Turn Your Product Into An Engine For Good

Security Basics: Introduction to IP addresses, Subnets, and CIDR Notation

Covid 19: Implementing Digital Transformation For Crisis Response and Community Resilience

Linux Adventures: Migrating to the Wild West of Kubuntu

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Why Did Google Invent Them and Why Are They Here To Stay

Impostor Syndrome: Evidence Based Strategies To Manage Anxiety and Maximise Growth

How To Create Your Own PHP Package: From Idea to Implementation

How to Build Your First Composer + Laravel Package (in Spanish)

Cómo Desarrollar Tu Primer Composer + Laravel Package

Minimum Viable Website: Automating Website Creation With Laravel Artisan